County of Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz County
Cannabis Licensing


Approved local operators are encouraged to correct minor deficiencies identified through routine inspections. Once receiving approval to conduct commercial cannabis activities, they are subject to a minimum of quarterly site inspections to verify compliance with applicable state and local codes.

On the other hand, there is a zero-tolerance policy towards conducting unapproved/unlicensed commercial cannabis activities. Unlicensed operators and property owners may be subject to administrative citations (up to $100 per plant, $100 per gram of cannabis extract, $500 per pound of cannabis flower, $100 per pound of cannabis biomass) per Santa Cruz County Code Chapter 7.128.050 and 7.128.210, title recordation of violation notices, nuisance abatement, and/or prosecution and held accountable for all enforcement costs. Building, zoning and environmental violations on unlicensed sites may also be identified and addressed per Santa Cruz County and state codes.

Chapter 7.128 of County Code can be found here.