County of Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz County
Cannabis Licensing

The retail cannabis businesses within the unincorporated County are regulated by the County Code, Chapter 7.130 and is restricted to twelve (12) established dispensaries. Any other retail sales are illegal. It is not anticipated that the County will seek to license any additional retail outlets for cannabis and cannabis product sales.

If you are concerned about illegal sales of cannabis goods, please fill out a complaint form by clicking here, calling the department at 831-454-3883 or stopping by during our office hours Monday through Thursday 8am to noon.

Quick Guide of the licensed retail Cannabis Businesses

Annual Renewal

Retail licensees must renew their license annually, including a live scan and a site inspection. Link coming soon to Camino portal.

Retail licensees are required to maintain a State license for their operations. To verify a State license, please click here.

Delivery Services

Only retail sales outlets licensed by the County of Santa Cruz may deliver cannabis and cannabis products to clients within the unincorporated area of the County. Not all of the twelve licensed dispensaries have delivery services. Determine if a licensed retail site can also provide delivery service.

Licensed County Retailers